Different types of spices in Dubai increase the taste of the cuisine

Whether you are a cook or just eating outside in Dubai, you surely notice the taste of spices in the food you will order. In Dubai restaurants, dishes encompass different spices that increase the taste and smell nice.

The food of Dubai includes different types of spices like Indian Turmeric in Dubai and Chinese dry ginger root in Dubai. These spices are used in the dishes like arseeya, harees, and maqlooba cooked with goat, poultry, and camel.

In Dubai, there are a number of Indian migrants, and they influence the cooking method of the dishes that are served in Dubai restaurants mainly in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. The connection of India and Dubai in trade between both the country is not a new thing as both countries have been trading with each other for years and the commodity includes mainly spices that are most in demand in Dubai.

Read below the different types of spices that trade in Dubai from India.

Ground Coriander

The Indian coriander seed in Dubai is produced by grinding the seeds of coriander and a curry powder that is most commonly used in India as well Dubai. The aroma and taste of this seed gives a unique idea of citrus and to sustain flavour of the coriander must partly roasted before you grind it.

Red Chilli Powder

Red chilli powder offers a hot and mildly spicy flavour, and that is why it is in huge demand in Dubai. To get the most out of these spices you need to roast a bit and see how the taste of the spice increases. Arabic dishes involve these spices and now it becomes significant ingredients in the dishes in Dubai.


This Indian turmeric in Dubai is of yellow colour and gives a taste like a pepper. It is an significant ingredient of curry dishes and mostly used in India. The turmeric spice is consist of many health perks.
The spice is commonly known for its anti-inflammatory aspect.


Cardamom is a spice that is quite pricy in Dubai. It seems quiet pale and the color is brown and green. It is small in shape. The taste is warm, a bit oily. You can remove the seed and grind to get the powder form. This powder can be used in Indian dishes as well in Emirites dishes.


This spice is one of the pricy spices that can be get from the flower of crocus sativus and has a strong aroma and taste. You can add a little amount of the spices in the dish and get the strong flavour.


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